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Four Web Sites To Build, Maybe

I’m going to be talking to a couple owners of quite a few different hotels, later today or tomorrow. I’ve already built one web site for one of their properties, and they are asking me about doing four other ones, now. Nothing is “set in stone” yet, so wish me luck.

The one that I built about a year ago is doing pretty well for them. We have an onling reservation system that is connected to the site, and it has “more than” paid off for them. The amount of SEO that the site gets is part of a maintenence package that I offer in my Web Site Services. I don’t have the details on the maintenence packages on my site, yet, but I have the information on paper. Because I do more “local” business, it hasn’t been as important to me to get the info on the site.

With a higher level maintenence package, I would be able to devote more time to the SEO for the sites, though. Building the site, and getting it “live” is only part of the battle. Getting the word out and getting traffic is the majority of making a successful web site.


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