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Save 25% on Fuel

A new gadget that’s only available in Jamaica claims to save customers up to 25% on their vehicle fuel. From reading the story, it looks like it only works on diesel pawered vehicles. The $3000 device comes in two halves and clamps on to the fuel line. Consisting of a magnet in each half that pulls apart gasolene molecules which can become sticky during transportation, the device make fuel combustion become more efficient with less gasolene being burnt to reach the same level of performance.

The US Environmental Protection Agency knows about the device:

United States based manufacturers International Research and Development claim the device can increase mileage by up to 27 percent. However, the U.S. government ordered them to rescind claims that the product was certified laboratory tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

I guess the US government doesn’t want us to use anything that would save money and burn less fuel. I wonder why…”not”.


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