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Distro Of The Month

I just found a pretty unique service, Distro of the Month, that, once you’re subscribed, will send you a different Linux distribution, each month. The service is pretty cool because you don’t have to spend the time downloading different distributions and burning iso files to CDs. You get to try various flavors of Linux (way too many to mention, here). I’ve tried a few and each one has it’s good things and bad things. This isn’t a service that will send you the well known versions, like Mandrake, Fedora, or SuSE, but some unique versions that you may not have tried.
October’s version is “aurox”. Though it is based on the popular Fedora Core 4 distribution, it adds a lot of extra features, like OpenOffice.org 2.0 package in KDE 3.4.1. It also has some advanced CRM tools that come as additional packages.
It also supports my internal wireless chipset on my Centrino laptop! This distribution has been pretty big in Europe, and I’m sure it will spread to a wider audience, here in the US.

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