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Going To The Shop on Monday

Well, my laptop has come to the point where I need to replace the battery. It only has about half of the “time” that it used to. I’m backing things up and making the trip to Fargo on Monday, to get a new one. It’s covered under one of those three year warrantees, so I might as well use it.

I hate taking my machine in, for somebody else to fiddle around with, though. I supposed to do all of that, myself. When it’s covered by them, you have to play by their rules, though. I just wanted to get this posted, just in case somebody does something terribly wrong (it could happen), and starts contacting people or changing things that I have shortcuts all over this thing for.

I’m backing “everything” up, now, and I’ll block access and get rid of all of the saved passwords, but you never know about those geeks at GeekSquad. I’ve bitched about what happened the last time I had to take this in to BestBuy, when the hard drive died (twice) over on Webfeed Central. I doubt that they’ll tell me that they have to send it in, but 2 more times and I get a new one.

The fan on this thing has been running a lot more than it ever has (not constantly). Ever since I had the problem with the Google Desktop using 100% of the system resources, it’s never seemed “normal”. I got rid of GDesktop, but it stiil seems to be running hot. If I mention that, though, they probably “will” want to send it to Chicago, to their service center. I’m still debating on telling them about it, but I suppose I should. One more big problem after that, and I get a brand new machine.

Once everything is backed up, I’m sure I’ll feel better about letting it go away for a couple weeks. It’s just that big feeling of loss that I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with. We’ll see. I’m sure I’ll be posting about this later. It might be from the desktop machine, though.


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