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…but there’s a problem. Over the past week, my main server has been giving me all sorts of problems, and I think that it has been resolved, this morning. Everything seems to up an running at full speed, except for one thing.

Over at bbGoth, there’s supposed to be a PHPbb forum. It’s actually the busiest part of the site, even though there’s only around 200 members. When the machine was restarted, this morning, the forum didn’t come back. It’s trying to load up a “suspended.page”, for some reason. I looked under the hood, and all of the files seem to be there. The MySQL database “looks” like it’s okay. I just can’t figure it out.

The only thing that I can guess is that my hosting company “suspeneded” it, for some reason. I really can’t see why, though, unless there was something happening that they hadn’t told me about…

I’m too tired to take a look at it, now, so I’m gona’ grab about 6 hours of sleep before the Broncos play, today. Hopefully, it’ll be back by then, but if not, I’ll work on it, later.

I really like having this “other” blog, so I can throw all of this crap that nobody really cares about…


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