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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Distro Of The Month

I just found a pretty unique service, Distro of the Month, that, once you’re subscribed, will send you a different Linux distribution, each month. The service is pretty cool because you don’t have to spend the time downloading different distributions and burning iso files to CDs. You get to try various flavors of Linux (way too many to mention, here). I’ve tried a few and each one has it’s good things and bad things. This isn’t a service that will send you the well known versions, like Mandrake, Fedora, or SuSE, but some unique versions that you may not have tried.
October’s version is “aurox”. Though it is based on the popular Fedora Core 4 distribution, it adds a lot of extra features, like OpenOffice.org 2.0 package in KDE 3.4.1. It also has some advanced CRM tools that come as additional packages.
It also supports my internal wireless chipset on my Centrino laptop! This distribution has been pretty big in Europe, and I’m sure it will spread to a wider audience, here in the US.

TechPodcast Live Event

Today will be the first TechPodcast “live event” that I’ll get to attend. Normally, I’m sleeping during this time because of the hours that I work. Looking forward to it. It starts at 3:30pm, CDT. They’re using GotoMeeting, they have a call-in line, and a live stream. There’s no need to purchase GotoMeeting to join in!

Text Link Ads

I got accepted as a publisher for Text Link Ads, today, but I just can’t get their PHP code to work inside of Mambo (which is what the PodcastHost site runs on). I’ve tried to get some Mambots and even tried putting a PHP page inside of an iFrame on the site, but I keep getting errors. I’ve contacted them about getting some help, but haven’t heard anything for a couple hours, now. I’ll wait…

Things I’ve Realized So Far, Today

  • Don’t ever try to convey your view of something “artful” with somebody who doesn’t give a crap.
  • Go ahead and “put something off” that you can do tomorrow…especially if it’ll take you half the amount of time, then.
  • I haven’t made or received a single phone call on my new cell phone, since I bought it, almost a week ago.
  • People do some pretty strange things when they don’t know that they’re on camera.
  • People blog some really strange things when they’re really tired…

Testing Qumana

I’m just using Qumana to post this, here. It should allow me to place advertising from Adgenta on all of my blogs. The program looks pretty cool, because I can post to any of my blogs from one place. It also has a lot of additional formating options, much like a word proccessing program would, as well as “spell check”, which is something that I don’t have in WordPress. There should be an ad that gets posted with this text, as well.
NICE!! This post will be edited and changed, a few more times, I am sure!

Even Better…

Even better than this, is the Lindsay Lohan – Harry Potter skit. I got to see it when it was originally on, though I don’t watch SNL regularly. Something just caught my eye, that night.

Another New Web Site

Google is already crawling it, but in an effort to see how many people are actually reading “this” blog (since I don’t get any stats for it), I’ll give you the link to the new domain, here. The new site is called The Midwest Bloggers Association. Shhh… Don’t tell anybody.

I’m sure that you won’t, because like I explained on the main site, there’s not a lot there right now, but if you’re getting this feed, or reading this online, could you click on that link for me, please? I suppose I could install StatTraq on this site, but I’ll try this, first.