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Monthly Archives: November 2005

This Is Okay

After looking at all of the statistics of the “old” Webfeed Decentralized, I realized that even if they don’t allow customized templates, here at the WordPress.com site, it’s okay.

That being said, I’ll say that I never really had too many click-throughs from the “Decentralized” site. The ads that were showing up were never really that “targeted”, anyway, because I seem to jump from topic to topic, and never really focus on anything special, to get the targeted ads flowing in any particular direction.

I “am” going to be using the Qumana ads, here. If and when the WordPress.com site allows for customized templates, I might even switch over to a matching template from Webfeed Central. Until that happens, though, this is okay.


Just Configured This Thing

Well, I just added some categories to this blog. I wanted to start posting over here, but before I did, I wated to make a few changes. I really wish the I could upload my own templates, here, but it looks like they’re still working on it, for now. If I could, I would get rid of one of my blogs, and integrate everything into this one. I’m going to start bringing posts over here, from Webfeed Decentralized, anyway.

I though that I heard something about being able to do that, here, but I’ll have to look into it, again. Another question that I would have to ask is if I would be able to display advertisements at this domain. I suppose I could try Qumana, for now, to see if that’ll work. I guess it’s not really a “big” thing, but I would love to have the template on this site match the look of my main site.

EDIT: It looks like most of the questions in this post were answered in the link that I added.

Finally Getting Some Snow

We’re finally getting our first snow of the season, up here. Here’s the story from the Fargo Forum. We had some flurries over the past few days, but in my opinion, those don’t count. What counts is when we have some snow sticking to the ground. I made a short video, a few minutes ago. You can download it, here.

The “banging” that you hear in the video is a flag that is located just above where I was standing.

The lights are starting to flicker, a little bit, due to the wind, but we haven’t lost power, yet. If we do, I’ll lose my net connection, so I wanted to get this up here as fast as possible.

Long Night, Tonight…

It looks like I’m in for a long night, tonight (Internet Explorer only, and you have to install some ActiveX to see the cameras). Just use the username “webfeed” and the password “webfeed”, when logging on. If you take a look anytime before 2:00am CST, you should see a lot of activity. There’s a big wedding reception and a lot of people drinking from the open bar. Many of these people will be spending the night in the hotel.

Saturdays are notoriously the “worst” night for people patrying and keeping other guests awake. Tonight looks like a real PITA. I’m sure that I won’t be “live-blogging” anything because I’ll be too busy babysitting the drunk people and trying to keep the others happy.

These are the nights when people try to go skinny dipping in the pool, after it closes (11:00pm). The lights get turned off, and when I see the water moving, I turn them all on, hoping that they run for their rooms before I get there. I don’t need to see any of that.

I suppose it’s too late to call in sick…

Low Tolerance

One thing that I noticed today is that my tolerance for spam is very short. I’m subscribed to a group over at Yahoo, and there always seems to be messages coming through, “spamming” the list. In fact, I went back and checked, and there were three, in the past month.

I almost unsubscribed from the group, today, but realized that three per month wasn’t really “that” bad. I decided to write to the group owner and ask him if he would “think” about removing the members who spam the list. It’s “his” group, of course, so it’s totaly up to him. In this whole thing, I realized how much I hate spam, though. I don’t “ever” remember being this annoyed about it.

Being Thankful

Today is the day to be thankful for everything that we have. I have a lot of things to be thankful for, but I wanted to point out, here that I am thankful that James from Informer and Snitch has allowed me to host Webfeed Decentralized with him (even though I have now moved it over to WordPress.com). I haven’t taken advantage of all of the services that they had to offer, but I appreciate what I have, there.

Another One?

Well, why not. I actually wanted to get over here and check out the differences between the WordPress version that I’m using at Webfeed Central and the version that’s over here. This one’s pretty nice. I just started, though. I’ll have to do some more digging before I decide that I want to do something with this.