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Hotel “Slow Season”

The accomodations industry (up North, anyway) usually slows down in the Winter season. This season had hit us, full blast. There’s been a dramatic decrease in the amount of people staying with us, compared to previous years. I’ve talked to some of the other hotels in town, and they’re seeing the same thing.

I’m not exactly sure what factors are playing into this, but I’m sure that the fuel prices have something to do with it. In this two floor hotel, with over 100 rooms, there was nobody upstairs, last night, and 45 of the rooms downstairs were empty. Man, was it quiet!

In an effort to cut some costs on the other end, I’ve started turning off all of the lights that I possibly can, at night. I also “double-check” all of the guest rooms to make sure that the heaters aren’t running. Until it gets “really” cold, there’s no reason for them to remain on. I’m still looking for other places to trim some of the costs.


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