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FINAL UPDATE: Both of the domains have been sold. They both went to the same person, and I’m sure that he has some great ideas for each of them. We had a telephone conversation, a couple hours before the bidding closed, and he seems to have quite an optimistic view of podcasting, and what the future holds. Thank You, to everybody who contacted me about this.

At this point, I’ve had a couple different bids come in for the PodcastHost.com and PodcastWire.com domain names. I’ve started posting the highest bid on the original post that was made. This is the same post that both domains forward into, right now.

EDITED: I’ve split the bids for the two separate domain names, since the offers being made are actually in the form of “$100 each”, rather than “$200 for both”. This will also make it easier for anybody who bids, since they may want one, and not the other.

The highest bid shown on the post will not include any information about the bidder, and the amount listed may not be the amount that the domains are sold for. If the highest bidder ends up “backing out”, the offer will go to the next highest bidder. You can still bid under the amount listed, with the amount that you’re willing to pay, and if the highest bidder does back out, we will contact you.

There may also be some “last minute” bids, which might not give me time to update the information. Last minute bids (bids received in the final hour) may also cause the deadline to be moved back.

ADDED: Upon request, the winning bidder will receive the names and contact information of the other bidders, in case they would like to verify the bid history.


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