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Long Night, Tonight…

It looks like I’m in for a long night, tonight (Internet Explorer only, and you have to install some ActiveX to see the cameras). Just use the username “webfeed” and the password “webfeed”, when logging on. If you take a look anytime before 2:00am CST, you should see a lot of activity. There’s a big wedding reception and a lot of people drinking from the open bar. Many of these people will be spending the night in the hotel.

Saturdays are notoriously the “worst” night for people patrying and keeping other guests awake. Tonight looks like a real PITA. I’m sure that I won’t be “live-blogging” anything because I’ll be too busy babysitting the drunk people and trying to keep the others happy.

These are the nights when people try to go skinny dipping in the pool, after it closes (11:00pm). The lights get turned off, and when I see the water moving, I turn them all on, hoping that they run for their rooms before I get there. I don’t need to see any of that.

I suppose it’s too late to call in sick…


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