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Podjacking? I Don’t Think So…

I really “want” to beleive that George Lambert from Podkey is in his own lane on this whole “podjacking” thing. After reading his blog , I don’t feel like he is “in the wrong”, at all.

It looks like Erik Marcus had “asked” for this service, in the beginning. If he never requested the keyword, there would be a problem. It also looks like iTunes was using the PodKey feed, and 75% of his subscribers were using iTunes. This is something that Erik should have been aware of, from the moment he knew it was listed at iTunes (something that I noticed as soon as I started using it).

I think that George tries to clear his name by telling his side of the story, but I’m not going to listen to a podcast that wants to charge me a quarter to listen to it. If you “really” want to tell your side of the story, at least make what you want to say “free”, like podcasts are supposed to be! UPDATE: There is a free version of the podcast.


2 responses to “Podjacking? I Don’t Think So…

  1. George Lambert December 6, 2005 at 10:02 am

    Sorry, the podcast is free – David charges for his show.

    If I gave you the wrong link sorry.

    [audio src="http://thedavidlawrenceshow.com/coral/david_lawrence_20051203.MP3" /]

    have a listen.

  2. Tom Simpson December 9, 2005 at 9:32 pm

    Erik has responded to this post (almost directly) by writing “Preventing and Surviving a Podjacking”. In his “guide”, he makes a direct statement to something that I said in this post:

    Some bloggers have since seized on this point and claim that I am at fault for what happened. One writes:

    “It looks like Erik Marcus had ‘asked’ for this service, in the beginning. If he never requested the keyword, there would be a problem.?

    The truth is, it is irrelevant how podkeyword.com obtained my show’s referring URL. I went to their website with the understanding that it was one of a large number of sites containing directories of podcasts. If podkeyword.com boosted my traffic, fantastic. And if not, I would lose nothing. But this is the most important point:

    Podkeyword did not carry a notice on their front page, nor on the page where URLs were submitted, that they intended to republish submitted RSS feeds under feeds controlled by podkeyword. Remember, an RSS feed is the front door to your show. You would think that it would be basic human decency to ask permission before creating an alternate RSS feed URL for an existing RSS feed. But not only did podkeyword.com fail to ask permission, the site went right ahead and created these alternate feeds and then didn’t even bother to tell me!

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