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Selling Insurance?

It almost sounds like Seth is working for Allstate, now.

He does make a good point about some of the absurd choices that human nature makes us believe, though. The recent push by the “Anti-Tobacco Coalition” in our city brought this point out into the open. They don’t want to breathe any second-hand smoke, while they go out and kill some brain cells, drinking. What’s more, is they want to keep the people that are smoking outside, at least 100 feet from the entrance, so when they leave the bar after 5 or 8 drinks to get behind the wheel, they don’t have to walk through a cloud of smoke.

They can weave down the road knowing that they won’t be dying of lung cancer. …but wait…what is this?

The cancer rate in alcoholics is ten times higher than that in the general population.

What am I afraid of, Seth? Well, there’s a big reason why I can smoke while I’m driving, but I can’t drink while I’m driving. I’m still afraid of those “second-hand collisions” with people heading home from their “smokeless bars”.

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