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I’ve Only Done This Once

Maybe some of you have done this more often that I have, but I’ve only played “ding-dong ditching” once in my life, way back in my younger days. If you haven’t heard of it, basicly, it’s where you go up to somebody’s front door, ring the doorbell (or knock), then duck into the bushes and watch the person who answers the door get a little upset.

Well, my last post was titled “Opening Doors…”, and it seems that I was the one who ended up a little upset. Of course, this only happened figuratively, and nobody literally ducked into the bushes. I will say that I was a little relieved that I didn’t have to worry about making a quick purchase of a DV camera (although I did find a pretty good one), and also that I didn’t have to spend that much time out in the freezing temperatures.

It turns out, though, that after only a day-and-a-half, the Jamestown, ND fire investigators decided to determine the cause of the fire as “undetermined”. I can understand that the fire caused a major amount of damage, and made the investigation almost impossible. There are going to be many different theories about the cause of the fire, though, and I hope that the insurance investigators decide to continue it, and come up with some answers. I’d also like to say that if “Mr. R” decides to continue the investigation, and contacts me, that I would still be interested.

Even as the fire was burning, I thought to myself how hard it might be to find the cause of this fire. With a lot of the clues that lead to the cause, literally “gone”, there may not be a way, and we’ll continue to speculate, forever.

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