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I’m In One Of Those Moods

There has to be other people out there that spend what might be considered “too much” time online. There’s just so much to do, and so much to see that it’s almost never-ending.

Well, I think it’s just the mood that I’m in, but I seem to have reached a point that I just don’t want to even “look” at this thing, anymore. I know that I have a lot to do. I always seem to have multiple projects, and even more ideas for other projects, but my brain just doesn’t want to think about them, now. Maybe I’m sick…

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Anyway, it seems like it’s time to take a little vacation. Maybe I’ll take some cool pictures and show them to everybody, when I get back. Maybe I’ll just play video games for a few days. Sleep sounds good, too…

I’m sure I’ll be around, on and off, but it will definetly be less than normal. I think I just need to pull the plug for a while, defrag the brain, again, and re-familiarize myself with the analog notepad. Just don’t ask me how the book is coming along.


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