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Labeling Indie Music

Lately, I’ve been having a harder and harder time finding out if music is copyrighted, signed or independent. This story from the New York Times gives a pretty good idea of what’s happening. The problem that I have is finding out how the music is licensed, and whether it can be shared on a network or web site, legaly.

I hope that there is some sort of solution so that Indie Artists can define how their work can be used. I know that the meta information is supposed to tell us all of that, but most of the time, it doesn’t. Honestly, though, even if the meta information said that the music “did” have a copyright, there’s nothing stopping people from changing the information and “re-releasing” it.Ads by AdGenta.com

Most of the indie bands that I’ve seen have web sites. They need to make it clear, on their web sites (something that can usually “only” be changed by them), how their work can be used and shared! This would help a lot of people stay out of trouble. It would also keep certain moderators from removing your songs from web sites because there could be a chance of infringement, even if your intentions were to make it freely available.


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