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Looking For Input – First Thoughts

I’m just looking for some input on a thought that I’ve been tossing around in my head. If you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughs, or concerns about this, please let me know.

I’d like to put something together that will be done, later this year. The initial idea popped into my head as “ND Geekfest 2006”. It wouldn’t nessecarily be just a “bloggers” get-together, but a larger “conference” for the whole geek community, in ND. I can easily arrange the meeting space, meals, and drinks. I can also do a huge part of getting the word out to the geek public who may not see anything, here.Ads by AdGenta.com

At first, I thought about doing something like this, more locally, and promoting the gathering to the general public (non-geeks) as well, just as a business opportunity for the geeks. Promoting services from local citizens, covering a wide variety of different areas of technology to a larger percentage of the public who aren’t technically inclined, seems like it could be a good idea. The general public would be able to contact any member of the group, requesting assistance is whatever area they need help with, and we could pass the request along to the person with the most expertise in that specific topic.

Now that I’ve typed this, I’m realizing that this might just be two different ideas that should put together, seperately.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Would either of these ideas be worth putting together? Of course, I would have to expand the details in each of these to make it worth attending or joining. I’m just looking for some initial input, right now.


2 responses to “Looking For Input – First Thoughts

  1. Rob January 3, 2006 at 4:29 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful idea for me Tom. I’d be willing to help out. My time is limited, but if you bounce some things off me I should be able to help somewhere.

  2. Shane Ede January 14, 2006 at 12:34 pm

    Sounds like a great idea. I would definetely be interested. It would be nice to actually meet some of the people in this area.

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