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Big Improvement!

I’ve been using AdGenta ads, for a while, not, and I’ve had a pretty good experience, overall. Since the start of 2006, the CTR started to fall off…way off. I attributed it to the end of the holiday season, and less people being online. Although this might have been partially true, I realized that I hadn’t been using the program to it’s full potential.

AdGenta is different from other advertising programs, in the fact that you don’t have to edit anything in your templates. There’s no “script” to add to you site. The ads consist of (mainly) just an anchor and an image tag. Because of this, the ads can be placed in a lot of different places that you normally wouldn’t be able to place advertisements.

The imaginary light bulb in my head lit up on January 19th, when I realized what I’d been missing out on. From January 1-18, I only averaged a sad 48 impressions per day. Since January 19th, the average daily page impressions have been just over 3200.

You may have noticed some of the advertisements in the comments, over at Webfeed Central. I’ve also started using them in other places. When I realized that this could be done, I was kicking myself because I hadn’t thought of it, earlier. There’s a lot of other places that I want to try these, now.

The nicest thing about them, is that I can pop in the keywords for whatever the topic is. It also doesn’t violate anybody’s TOS.


2 responses to “Big Improvement!

  1. Shane Ede January 30, 2006 at 11:43 am

    Do you have to use Qumana in order to use Adgenta? OR can it simply be done easily with a script addon for wordpress?

  2. Arieanna January 30, 2006 at 12:06 pm

    Great ideas! I am happy you found ways to monetize other areas of your online life, and indeed AdGenta makes that easy.

    Shane – right now we don’t have a wordpress plugin, but we’re thinking about it. Maybe we’ll ask for volunteers soon, so watch our blog. blog.qumana.com

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