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The Least The Could Do Is Spell It Right

Back when I first started displaying AdSense ads on Webfeed Central, I initially had a little bit of an integrity problem. I really didn’t like the way that there was no control over what ads showed up. After a little more thought, I came to my “Senses” and optimized the site so that the ads weren’t “in the way”. I realized what I would have been missing if I didn’t run them.
Today, I saw an ad at the site that just made me cringe, though. It wasn’t offensive, rude, or uncalled for, but the least they could have done is run it through a spell check, or something.

If you use AdWords, at all, make sure that you’re actually presenting yourself in a way that you’d like. When things are not spelled right, it just make you look like another spammer (everybody knows how “bad” they spell). If you’re paying for this stuff, make sure that your ad is actually “worth” it.


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