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Monthly Archives: June 2006

WTF? – That Is All

What’s the technical term for Pickle Phobia?

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Web Site Statistics

I’ve never really been one for posting statistics on my web sites. Like Aaron says, it’s not really something that a lot of people that are reading my blogs care about.

That being said, though, last Monday I started using ClustrMaps on Webfeed Central, which can be seen in the left column of the site. It just gives a nice visual idea of where visitors to the site are located.

As far as stats packages, since I moved the site over to the new host, I’d been using Analog to see what happening. I had used it before, but I’ve never really been impressed with it. Last night, I decided to install AWStats, and on July 19th, I removed it, since things were not updating correctly. AWStats has always been my preferred stats package. My old host had it, but the new one didn’t.

ADDED: Since I removed AWStats on July 19th, I also signed up to have Webfeed Central tracked by SiteMeter.

The stats that are recorded in it only go back a couple days, to June 13th. I have all of the old log files from the previous server, but I still haven’t found a way to “inject” them into the new AWStats that I’m running. It would be nice to have the complete two years worth of stats in there (with a small gap). If you happen to know how to get them in there, please let me know.

Advertising Firefox to Firefox Users

Over on the main site, I had been advertising Firefox with Google Toolbar on every post’s “single” page. Up until today, anybody that visited the site would see the advertisement.

I’ve added some PHP that will show the ads only to users of Internet Explorer. There’s no use in showing them to people who already use Firefox.

It’s Not About MySpace

Where is all of the “good” music, these days? In the Metal genre, there seems to be a thousand bands with the same sound and the same “growling” lead singer who couldn’t carry a note if they tried. If they actually “could” carry a note, we wouldn’t recognize the voice, anyway. We had “one” band that sounded like that, in my generation. All the rest of them seem to be copying them, or each other. If you know of one modern Heavy Metal band that doesn’t sound like the lead singer is the spawn of Satan, please let me know.

Anything else that is classified as the Rock genre seems to be mostly watered down versions of the same theme, played at different tempos. Any artistic value that most of today’s music has is lost because there are no rough edges.

Gen X may be the first generation in history to complain the following generation is “too quiet.” [Link]

I’m 36. Maybe I’m not supposed to like the music that my kids are listening to, just for the fact that if I “did” like it, it wouldn’t be cool. Well…The fact is, I really don’t see how most of today’s music is supposed to be cool, anyway. They can have it.

I’m sure that I’m missing something, though. There’s got to be some good bands, creating some cutting edge, hard music that I would actually want to listen to. Where are they? My oldest son (18) listens to a lot of good music! Kinda’ funny how he can’t stand much of today’s music, either. I wonder how many other “kids” are listening to their parents music because it actually has some artistic value, edge, and power.

Meanwhile, my 11-year-old son just walked into the room, and out of the blue says “How can anybody like AC/DC?” Oh boy… I guess everybody’s got their own tastes in music, anyway.