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I’ve never really been one for posting statistics on my web sites. Like Aaron says, it’s not really something that a lot of people that are reading my blogs care about.

That being said, though, last Monday I started using ClustrMaps on Webfeed Central, which can be seen in the left column of the site. It just gives a nice visual idea of where visitors to the site are located.

As far as stats packages, since I moved the site over to the new host, I’d been using Analog to see what happening. I had used it before, but I’ve never really been impressed with it. Last night, I decided to install AWStats, and on July 19th, I removed it, since things were not updating correctly. AWStats has always been my preferred stats package. My old host had it, but the new one didn’t.

ADDED: Since I removed AWStats on July 19th, I also signed up to have Webfeed Central tracked by SiteMeter.

The stats that are recorded in it only go back a couple days, to June 13th. I have all of the old log files from the previous server, but I still haven’t found a way to “inject” them into the new AWStats that I’m running. It would be nice to have the complete two years worth of stats in there (with a small gap). If you happen to know how to get them in there, please let me know.

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One response to “Web Site Statistics

  1. BigJon June 18, 2006 at 8:32 pm

    That Clustermaps is pretty freakin’ cool. I got one for my site a couple weeks back too. I just wonder if it registers bots as well though…

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