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Mike Rundle Wants To See You Naked

With a great list of “do’s and dont’s” for producing video, Mike says that if you get naked, he’ll definetly come back, looking for more. He says that if you make a fool of yourself, sing, dance, run around, it’s more interesting to him. His main points were that he doesn’t want to see copycats or boring video.

While I agree that nobody wants boring copycats, and a lot of people look for the “nakedness”, I’ll go a step further and say that if you’re ugly, don’t do video! I don’t care if you have the most exciting videos on YouTube. If you’ve “ever” looked in the mirror and wanted to change something about yourself, because you look like hell, don’t put yourself in front of the camera and subject the rest of us to the horrible images.

One thing that just doesn’t work is naked ugly people! Nobody wants that. Not even other ugly people want to see that!


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