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One Million More Legitimate Posts

I find it amazing that 70% of the pings that Technorati receive are from known spam sources, yet they are able to drop them before they’re indexed.

After looking at this graph, it seems that there are about one million more “legitimate” posts today, than there was about six months ago – a total of 1.6 million legitimate posts per day.

After doing some quick math on those numbers, myself, this means that there are more than 3.7 million pings from spam sources, each day. This figures out to about 42.8 posts per second that are posted by splogs, yet filtered out by Technorati. Amazing.

ADDED: The numbers might be what I call “amazing”, but Kevin Burton thinks that the numbers are overly optimistic and dangerous. He explains it well.


3 responses to “One Million More Legitimate Posts

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  3. BigJon August 21, 2006 at 11:17 am

    Unfortunately, Technorati has not been indexing my site. I’m using the automatic and manual pings to them. I get bupkis. I’ve double checked all my settings on Technorati…I don’t see anything wrong.

    I’m baffled. Waiting on Technorati’s support to message me back. Until then, there is one less set of legitimate posts on their site.

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