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Selling On Craigslist

I’ve never actually used Craigslist to sell anything until now, although I have used the site to search for writing jobs, with pretty good results.

Anyway, we have an electric scooter / wheelchair that was bought about 5 years ago, and only used about six times. The chair has been just “sitting” there, for about a year, now, and is no longer needed, so I decided to throw it up on Craigslist to see what happens. It looks like the ad will run for 45 days, and I didn’t have to pay “anything” to post it.

Here’s the listing for the electric scooter.

I know that there are some cities that have to pay a certain amount for posting things in certain categories, there, but luckily, I’m not in one of those larger cities. I also don’t live in a place where everybody has two computers and visits Craigslist, daily, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of results I get.


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