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Mail Delivery Problems

I woke up about an hour ago to find that I had “no” email, whatsoever! This NEVER happens, so I knew, right away that something was wrong.

I had recently moved two of the domains that I receive the most email at, to Google Apps. At first, I thought it was Google’s fault, but after a little bit of investigating, I realized that the hosting company I’m with (where I had to change the MX pointers) had “deleted” the custom MX settings, so none of the mail was even making it to Google.

I changed everything back, so things should start working, pretty soon. I also sent my hosting company a request (just a question, really) about why this happened, in the first place. I’m hoping this was just a one-time thing that will never happen again, but I’ll have to wait and see what their reason for the unexpected change were.

When this happened, any email that was sent to addresses at the two domains bounced right back to the sender. There’s one address that is semi-critical. The rest aren’t quite as important, but when you’re using email for business purposes, it’s nice to have things running, all the time. I thought that moving things over to Google would be more reliable (due to the redundant servers), but it seems that if my domains server develops problems, it still affects delivery. Grrrr…


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