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Misleading Advertisements?

Over on my main site, I noticed an advertisement that looked interesting to me. I wanted to check out what the link was about, so rather than click on the ad (which is not allowed in the TOS), I entered the address that was listed directly below the ad, in another tab.

The headline read “Student Filmmaker Missing” and the text of the ad said “From The Set Of “The Grudge 2″. Follow His Story. In Theatres 10/13.” Just below the advertisement, the address “www.jasongrudge2blog.com” was written. I opened a new tab, typed in the address and it led me to a placeholder page, where no site had been built, yet.

On some level, this really bugged me, because the address that was listed wasn’t the address that the ad would lead people to. I haven’t clicked on the ad, so I’m hoping that somebody else will see it, click it, and let me know the actual address that they are taken to.

Until I know where the ad leads, I’m not going to worry about it, too much. The fact that this seems misleading, though, has made me doubt the effectiveness of some of the other ads that are shown on the site. If you happen to see the ad and click on it, please take note of the address, and leave a comment, here.


One response to “Misleading Advertisements?

  1. Cam September 17, 2006 at 10:24 pm

    Hey Tom,

    Assuming you use Firefox, you should check out the adsense preview extension. It should allow you to check out the link without risking your account.

    Personally, I’d report the ad to adwords. Sounds like a TOS violation to me.


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