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Webfeed Decentralized is run by Tom Simpson, the same guy that runs Webfeed Central. This decentralized blog was created as a place that I could post shorter, more meaningless blurbs than I do at Webfeed Central.

I am also using this site as a base for all of the video blog items that I produce. Since August of 2004, I had produced a limited amout of audio posts (podcasts), and released them at Webfeed Central. Since the release of the new version of the iPod with video, I’ve become more interested in creating video and posting them as video podcasts.

I’ve been inspired by the work that Eric Rice has done in making video, for quite a few years. Rather than hold himself to one particular medium (text, audio, or video) he has made an impression with all three, and continues to create high quality material. I’ve also been inspired by many others that are experimenting in the same areas.

I’m located in Jamestown, North Dakota, and at this time, still have a regular job. I have been working in the direction of making the things that I do, online, pay off enough to completly quit from my regular job, though.

I hope that you like what you see, here, and if you have any sort of suggestions, please let me know. Rather than repeating it, I’ll just say that all of my contact information can be found at Webfeed Central.

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