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Search Engine Submission

I got a kick out this spam message that I received, today. Thought I’d pass it along:

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Just imagine that! I could get “my web site”, gmail.com, listed at the top of Google. Who would have thought?


South Park Conspiracy

I don’t think so. I think that the theory about the conspiracy being a conspiracy is a conspiracy. This is a vast left wing conspiracy that tries to show that the vast right wing conspiracy developed the vast left wing conspiracy to appear more powerful. At this point, I’m ready to blame Canada, again! [See The Video]

Greg Tinti at The Political Pit Bull has the whole episode posted.

10/11/06 upside down is 9/11/01

Interesting coincidence, pattern recognition, numerology?

NEW YORK – A small plane with New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle aboard crashed into a 50-story condominium tower Wednesday on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, killing two people and raining flaming debris on sidewalks, authorities said. Yankees’ owner George M. Steinbrenner confirmed Lidle was one of the two dead.

An event that turned the US upside-down on 9/11/01 brings back memories on the date that’s flipped upside-down. A plane plows into a building in NYC – Today’s date is 9/11/01 turned upside down.

Black and White

I’ve been white, my whole life…or have I? Does it even matter?

This is too interesting! It also shows that a lot of people put way to much importance on “race”. Sure, it’s important to know your heritage, but what if your heritage isn’t what you thought it was, all along?

Think about giving it a vote, while you’re there.

The Top Of The List: Not Marijuana

Wow! 42.7% of North Dakota‘s underage population have drank alcohol in the past 30 days. I’ve seen studies that say that the further North you are, the more you drink. Could it be that Marijuana just doesn’t grow as well up here, and it costs more?

Tell me what causes more problems. Tell me what’s more dangerous. Seriously!

Personally, I wish they would make alcohol illegal and “Legalize It” (Mary Jane)…don’t criticize it! That being said, I’ll say that I haven’t touched the stuff (pot) in over 12 years, now. Honestly, I think that if I’d given up drinking, all-together and kept smoking the weed, I’d be a lot smarter and more interesting than I am, today. Marijuana seems to expand the mind, rather than making it shut down and pass out.

Maybe it’s time to find a good dealer. The last time I bought a quarter it cost $25. I imagine inflation has affected that, as well.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post after drinking 4 beers within an hour-and-a-half. If I would have been “high”, instead, it would have been a lot more analytical and made more sense. Instead, I’m gona’ go pass out, now… Good night!

Happy Birth– Er… -Death Day

“Florida sheriff’s deputy Matt Barnes was celebrating his 26th birthday when he accidentally shot himself fatally in the face while showing friends his gun.”

Boy, you guys from Florida sure know how to show guests a good time…

In Case I Disappear

Read it all…

In case I disappear, remember this. America is an idea, a dream, and that is all. We have borders and armies and citizens and commerce and industry, but all this merely makes us like every other nation on this Earth. What separates us is the idea, the simple idea, that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our organizing principles. We can think as we please, speak as we please, write as we please, worship as we please, go where we please. We are protected from the kinds of tyranny that inspired our creation as a nation in the first place.

That was the idea. That was the dream. It may all be over now, but once upon a time, it existed. No good idea ever truly dies. The dream was here, and so was I, and so were you.